How to Use Space Effectively in Studio Apartments?

Studio Apartments

As we all know studio apartments for rent usually have all facilities available inside one big room, therefore, utilizing the available space in the most effective way possible is really important. One may think it to be exciting when they have to change their house, but it proves to be challenging for them to arrange all their furniture in such congested space. So, one needs to make most appropriate selections as to what should go in their apartment and what not.


Our bed tends to be the biggest occupier of floor space. But this biggest space occupier is used only at the night if you are a working professional or college student. So, to utilize the space effectively in the bedroom, it is best for you to use the convertible bed that you can turn into your sofa in the daytime. The convertible bed can be matched with appropriate pillows to complement overall home décor. It will help in saving a considerable amount of space when you have to go to bed as your sofa will again be turned into the bed. When you are out in the market for buying these convertible pieces, you must make sure that you buy appropriate pieces according to the space that is available to work with. Never invest in something that is too big in proportion to the small space that you have in the studio apartment. Opting for smaller items will simply allow you to make effective use of the space.

You must keep things minimalistic when you are investing in décor items for your small Cambridge Ma apartments as it will allow you to select the most appropriate pieces for your space. Essential furniture items like chairs, coffee tables that are usually placed in room’s center tend to occupy too much space, and they make the room feel like too much filled. So, it is advisable to use low tables as well as chairs which help in creating an open feel in the room, and they are quite functional as well. Limit interior decoration items like tall vases to walls only so that you have decorative pieces in the apartment without compromising space at all.

When it comes to storage, you must utilize maximum possible wall space to fulfill your storage needs. Install shelves and cabinets in appropriate locations so that you can have a hideaway for your less used items and you still do not end up cramping the entire space. Installing in one or two bookshelves can also be a great choice as they can be used as room dividers and will provide ample storage as well.

So, making the appropriate choice regarding furniture and using right decorative pieces can make your Cambridge apartments look great. You do not need to live in cramped spaces only because you have chosen studio apartments to live in.