All About Franklin, Tennessee

In this article, we will discuss Franklin, Tennessee, one of the most historic cities located in the state. Franklin was founded in the year of 1799, and named after none other than Benjamin Franklin. But where history really began for Franklin was during the American Civil War.

During the year of 1864, the Battle of Franklin took place within the city. This battle resulted in nearly 10,000 casualties. In modern times, you can learn about Franklin and the American Civil War, as well as see historic homes (Lotz, Carnton, and Carter) that still stand from this time in the city’s history.

Since the later part of the 20th century, the city of Franklin has seen a large growth in population. According to a census completed in the year of 2010, population density was over 1000 individuals per square mile. Many businesses have settled into Franklin due to this growth in population, adding to the economy of the area.

Franklin is known for many things, including the festivals held within the city throughout the year. One of these festivals is the Main Street Festival. This festival brings in hundreds of artisans, as well as two carnivals and food courts. Those who want to browse for arts and crafts can enjoy the booths set up on Main Street from First Avenue to Fifth Avenue.

Another festival that Franklin, Tennessee is known for is Pumpkinfest. Pumpkinfest is held annually on the Saturday before Halloween. Visitors can enjoy Halloween-themed activities, food, music, and more.

In conclusion, Franklin, Tennessee is an ever-growing city that has a truly historic and cultural background. Visitors to the city, as well as residents, can enjoy its history, festivals, and much more. From founding, the American Civil War, and to modern times, one thing is for sure. Franklin, Tennessee, is truly a one of a kind city.