Month: August 2017

Planning A Weekend Getaway At A Luxury Hotel In Cambridge, MA

Sometimes, the best way to recharge your batteries and get a more positive outlook on life is to get away for a mini vacation. One great way to do that is by booking a room at a luxury hotel in Cambridge, MA. Being able to enjoy a relaxing weekend away from the stress of everyday life can get you back on track and feeling great about things again. Read More

Popular Homes Around 02141

Address Not Available
Address Not Available

‘MLS #M3870115038: There”s no address listed for this Cambridge, MA 02141 home, but that doesn”t mean there isn”t information available. In fact, on® you can learn details like home dimensions, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, price, information about special features and more. Use® to find out detailed property listing information, even when no address is currently listed.’

This particular property has 2 bedrooms in its 628 square feet and it is listed at $$475,000. Look in the property listing here for more details, and possibly even photos!® has your best bet of getting the details about a Cambridge, MA 02141 property when the address is not available. Here, you can also connect to a REALTOR® who can get you the facts you need and find the property you are looking for.

‘On®, you can find the facts you need about this home (MLS #M3870115038).

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